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We present to your attention one more of our excursions in the regions of Georgia. Tour Kutaisi – Gelati monastery – Prometheus cave. During this one day tour we will visit the following attractions:

  • The city of Kutaisi;
  • Gelati Monastery;
  • Bagrat Temple;
  • Prometheus Cave.

Attention! During this tour we will be able to visit only one of the indicated Gelati or Bagrati temples. The choice is yours.

Our journey starts from our office on Freedom Square at Tbilisi, st. Pushkin, 9. We are going to one of the largest cities in Georgia – the city of Kutaisi.

The next point of our route is the Bagrat temple. This temple of the Assumption of the Virgin was built in 1003. Due to its size and proportions, this temple was one of the most prominent temples in Georgia in the Middle Ages. The coronation of David the Builder was held in the Bagrat temple. In 1691, the temple was seriously destroyed by an explosion during the Turkish invasion. The temple has lost its dome and part of the roof. And in 1770, Russian cannons destroyed another part of the walls of the already crippled temple. This is how the temple has survived to this day. UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site in 1994. In 2010, the restoration of the temple began, and in 2012 the temple was rebuilt. Interestingly, UNESCO removed it from its list in 2017 due to the fact that the reconstruction deprived the Bagrat temple of its authenticity. But despite this, the majestic Bagrat temple does not lose its popularity among tourists and leaves a very pleasant impression.


Perhaps we will visit the Gelati Monastery, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. The Gelati Monastery of the Mother of God is the most significant medieval monastery in Georgia. The center of church and cultural life, the residence of the Catholicos from the 2nd half of the 16th century to 1814. The monastery was founded by King David IV the Builder in 1106 and became his tomb. The cathedral church is decorated with mosaics, which are considered the best in the entire Transcaucasia. At that time, the monastery was the seat of the Gelati Academy.


Prometheus Cave, also known as Kumistavi Cave, is a karst cave in western Georgia, near the city of Tskhaltubo. The total length of the cave is about 11 km, of which 1060 m are open to visitors. There are 15 excursion zones in the cave, each of which is equipped with dynamic lighting. The areas between the zones are also illuminated with static light. The Prometheus Cave is really very beautiful and large. Tours of the cave itself are conducted by our own guides of the Prometheus Cave. The tour takes about an hour. The last part of the excursion is a boat ride down the cave river that comes to the surface. This voyage is paid additionally. The Prometheus Cave is highly recommended to visit, and is one of the interesting and worthwhile sights of this region of Georgia. Children under 6 years old are not allowed in the cave.


  Время Начала 08-00
Время Завершения 22:00
Протяжённость маршрута Около 520 км
Одежда Удобная обувь
Что взять с собой   Фотоаппарат или заряженный Смартфон и Хорошее настроение.
Поездка на комфортном микроавтобусе Гид, свободно говорящий по русски
Бутылка воды каждому Кондиционер
 Оплачивается на месте
Питание. Обед проходит в одном из ресторанов по согласованию группы и гида
Билеты в Пещеру Прометея


  Start Time 08:00
 End Time 22:00
Route length Around 520 km
Clothes Comfortable shoes
What to take with you   Camera or charged Smartphone and Good mood
Comfortable minibus English speaking Live guide
A bottle of water for everyone Air conditioning
Not included
Nutrition. Lunch is held in one of the restaurants as agreed by the group and guide.
Tickets to Prometheus Cave


Adult ticket:
2 persons – 450 gel total
3 persons – 170 gel per person
4 persons  – 140 gel per person
5-6 persons – 120 gel per person
7+ persons – 100 gel per person
Children’s ticket (6-12 years old) 60 gel if more of 2 person
Children’s ticket (up to 5 years old): Free. Without seat. Подробнее о бесплатных билетах

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